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Unpack Impact

Unpack Impact is an interdisciplinary research initiative exploring the business case for including beneficiaries in the design of projects and services intended to improve their lives.

Unpack Impact is investigating a critical question: More than ever before, today’s leading for-profit companies are involving consumers in the design of products and services. Yet why is it that beneficiaries continue to be largely excluded from design processes in the for-impact sector (non-profits, social enterprise, development agencies, and the vehicles by which they are funded: philanthropy, impact-investing, and aid)?

Our data demonstrates that when you design with only 10% of the relevant intel, you come up with answers that are only 10% solved. By continuing this way of doing business, in which only 10% of the world’s population is seen as the experts, designers and decision-makers of “impact,” urgently needed insight is being lost.

Unpack Impact is sparking a conversation among actors across the for-impact sector to join us in investigating and co-creating new ways forward. Together, we seek to evolve the for-impact sector’s operating mindset and methodology, toward creating the capacity and incentives to unlock 90% of the world’s ingenuity. We invite you to join us in listening to the 90% waiting—to unpack impact.


 Jessica Amon, community organizer in the Philippines, explaining the real cost of not listening on our panel at #SOCAP15 #unpackimpact  Meet Hyder Akbar, an author and documentarian, and former NGO director from Afghanistan. We are excited to have him speak on our panel discussion at our launch events this week about the 'cost of not listening!' #unpackimpact #10percentsolved #90percentwaiting    Mapping the complete history of impact #unpackimpact
 We're live at #SOCAP15 ! "When you design with only 10% of the relevant intel, you come up with only 10% of the results." #10percentsolved #90percentwaiting #unpackimpact  Meet Jessica Amon - she is the Program Coordinator for Community Organizers Multiversity in Manila, Philippines, and she will be one of our incredible panelists at our launch events today and tomorrow, talking about the 'cost of not listening!' #unpackimpact #10percentsolved #90percentwaiting
 We're here at #SOCAP15 with our #unpackimpact bandanas made by @concordiasummit !  Today we met with the amazing team at the @peeryfoundation, one of the first movers in our research!
 We're live at @ideoorg ! #unpackimpact #10percentsolved #90percentwaiting
 Meet Vera Triplett, founder and CEO of Noble Minds Institute for Whole Child Learning in New Orleans. She will be joining our amazing panel today and tomorrow, discussing the 'cost of not listening!' #unpackimpact #10percentsolved #90percentwaiting