Unpack Impact is an interdisciplinary research initiative led by Visiting Scholars Joanna Cea and Jess Rimington within Stanford University’s Global Projects Center.


Jess Rimington — Lead Researcher: Jess is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center.  She is also the Director of Organizational Strategy at The Rules; previously, she founded and served as Executive Director of One World Youth Project.

Joanna Cea — Lead Researcher: Joanna is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center.  She also consults with IDEX foundation on its impact investing work; previously she served as Executive Director of International Accountability Project.

Ashby Monk — Advisor: Ashby is the Executive and Research Director of the Stanford University’s Global Projects Center as well as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford.

Hudson Brown — Associate Researcher: Hudson is an American University student studying Film and Philosophy; previously he produced the documentary The Big Gets Bigger and led its associated grassroots advocacy.

First Movers

The Peery Foundation

Incourage Community Foundation

IDEX (International Development Exchange)

Top Players







And, a special thanks to…

Jess and Joanna would like to acknowledge and give a special thanks to Steven Bingler and Bobbie Hill of Concordia for stepping up as curators and peers in midwifing this work into the world. They would also like to thank Arturo and Bradford for their continued support of and belief in the importance of this work. Last but not least they would like to acknowledge and thank National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow Kate Gasparro for her early help in researching trends in crowdsourcing and co-design.